Monday, 30 January 2012

Bionic cowboy

I ran out of ideas for bosses a bit and resorted to stealing some ideas from old games, and this idea came pretty natural for some reason. It was pretty fun to make this boss though. Although I'm fairly familiar with coding characters with bionic arms it was pretty fun to make the animations for such a character, having been in charge of implementing someone elses swing-animations in the past. And while his moveset is pretty much stolen from bionic commando it was interesting trying to make a boss pattern out of it. I kind of want to make him playable though...

Gameboy shading

I was a bit bored and didn't feel like starting coding menues today so I played around a bit with my post effects just for fun. Just had to tweak some colours and change a texture to get this effect. I tried rendering it in lower resolution as well to get it more pixelperfect but it just looked worse

Sunday, 22 January 2012


Another short video of GMC. This is the first boss in the game. He has a pretty simple behaviour but can still be quite hard to defeat.

Thursday, 5 January 2012


Short video of an enemy I've just finnished working on.
Gameplay wise it's extremely basic but the art and animation took two days to make. I messed up the proportions a bit and had to do my best to salvage it after the animations were already halfways done. I think it turned out decent in the end.

GMC gameplay video

Made a quick fraps video of GMC, showing the beginning of Level 1 and the basic gameplay and showing of the artstyle

Development is going pretty well right now, though I'm getting tired of doing leveldesign. I might upload some more videos, showing some more interesting gameplay in the near future