Monday, 5 April 2010

Doctor Who

Maybe I ought to explain a bit about my previous post and my Doctor Who fandom as the show isn't really that well known around here or in most of the world. Basicly it's a british science fiction series that has been on the air since the 60s. I didn't really know much about it either until a few years ago when I decided to look it up after seeing some references where I felt my geek knowledge was a bit limited. Even though it's a bit corny and low budget and mainly aimed at kids I instantly got hooked when I started watching; it has a lot of british charm that's just irresistable to an anglophile like myself.

The story follows an alien time/space traveler called The Doctor, who picks up random british people (mainly pretty girls) and travels the universe/time vortex with them in his space ship/time machine called the Tardis which looks like a phone booth from the 60s. Also in order to keep the show going for decades, the doctor's race has the ability "regenerate" (change actor) which is what happened in the new season when the tenth doctor, David Tennant, got replaced with Matt Smith (who I must say fills the shoes very well).

I'm really looking forward to the rest of the new series. I still have about 15 seasons of the original series to work my way through though, but it feels a bit ancient at times.

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