Monday, 17 October 2011

More sales talk

After my last post the sales have slowly started going up on a bit iPhone. But now I'm freaking out because I just can't figure out what caused the bump, or if I can count on it continuing.

At first it seemed like nothing I did helped at all. I joined Twitter and some retweeting group; posted a press release on prmac which got copy pasted all over the internet; the trailer got posted on gametrailers and I finally got a somewhat positive professional review. But all it did was to keep the sales at a somewhat steady 10 units a day for a while (it sold a whooping 14 units on launch day). It was only a few days later it started going up, going from 10 a day to 20 > 50 > 50 > 80 > 75.

The last bump could possibly be explained by the release of an update (though I'm not sure how that would actually affect anything, as I was mistaken in thinking updates would appear on the release list in the AppStore). I can't find anything new written about it on the internet, or even any new user reviews, and I doubt it has made any toplists or gotten featured by apple. The sales seem to be fairly evenly distributed wordwide as well.

I don't really understand how the App Store works; how do people find games outside the toplists? Is it normal to get random sales bumps? Or can I actually expect for the baseline to continue at 50-80 a day? Even though it's still not much (especially with the crazy swedish taxes) I could make a meager living if those sales continue and then hope to increase my income after a few more games, but with any less than that it seems a bit hopeless.


  1. Well first i have check video of ur game in toucharcade looks good. I think u should reduce the price too. I would love to try but there is no lite version of this game. Best of luck

  2. Well progress is progress. good luck

  3. I think it's an awesome game! I downloaded the first version and it suffered somewhat from a bad control mechanism. The first release of my own game also had some control issues and I received some bad reviews. from that on my climbings on the charts were interrupted... If you have not done it yet you should send a pressrelease to Macworld (Sverige). They seem to put almost every Swedish game on "app of the day". It gained me a few hundred downloads over a couple of days (before the trolls started to pick on the control mechanism :).

    I´m about to release an update of my own game shortly and some of the improvements and adjustments are strongly inspired and influenced by Matt Rix success story about Train Yard. I think one of the most important thing is to make a "free" version. And as Matt points out it is most likely most rewarding to be generous. Besides that I'm spending a lot of work into the trailer, icons, screens and appstore texts. I follow you on twitter with big interrest and I would be delighted if you started follow me @aleathegame. Go Skövde!

  4. Maybe it went higher on games list or got featured