Wednesday, 29 February 2012

GMC trailer

I've been working on a trailer for the last two days. I had to rush it a bit in hopes of getting it on Sony Mobiles GDC reel (which I still don't know if it will be). The one I sent off to them didn't have the captions though. I have a feeling they don't really portray the game in the best possible light but I got bored with trying to make up impressive sounding selling points. The trailer is still work in progress though; I'm not sure if I'll keep the captions and I also have too work a bit more on the timing and stuff before I send it out to any big sites.


  1. Man, this looks awesome.

    I liked the captions. My favorite was "Lots of brown".

    And Clive is also a great name for a cowboy. It's gritty, but civilized.

    But the thing I'm most excited about is the part where he's riding a cartoon rocket, blasting asteroids with a six shooter.


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  3. This looks way cool.

    The art style is amazing, bravo on that alone. I love the minimalist western design, it's seems very Leone-esque in its nature.

    I can't wait, Metal Slug meets the the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Awesome!

    I concur with Micah. Sold.

    Edit: for bad grammar ^_^

  4. Dude, Really interesting work. I loved the art of the game. This game looks awesome! And my name is Artenes and I want to talk with about your games, can you send your actual e-mail to my e-mail

  5. Just wonderful work Bertil. Thank you so much for this master piece... Cheers!

    - Nuri