Sunday, 25 March 2012


I finally submitted Gunman Clive for apple review yesterday, so it won't be long now. The Android version is pretty much done as well; I'll just need to move over the final tweaks I've made, but I'll hold onto it until I can release it on both platforms simultaneously. So next week I'll try to get started on the PC (and possibly Mac) version, but that won't be released until a short while after. I'm not sure how much work that needs to be done on the PC version, the main thing is to add proper PC-centric video options and save functions and replace FMOD with something that doesn't cost money, and of course make sure it runs on a wide range of systems. I'm also thinking of replacing some of the objects with more highpoly versions, but only if I can make it look good with some basic smoothing operation, I don't want to spend a lot of time reworking the graphics.


  1. whats the best way to handle bullets patterns and flying enemies? Oh and good luck with Gunman Clive!

  2. Good Luck with the launch, really looking forward to playing it. Looks amazing!

  3. make a linux and release it on !!