Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Getting tired of art

After my failed attempt at designing an enemy and my general unhappiness with my enviromnent art I felt the need to do something really straight forward today, so I modeled some fruit. All games need some collectable oversized fruits. Some of the textures aren't really finnished and I'm a but worried I made them a bit too low poly, but it'll do for now. I think the normalmaps should be fine even if I add some more polys so it's no biggie.

Also today was the first time in ages that I actually did some gameplay code (I made a simple pickup class for the fruits). Even though it was just a tiny bit and really simple and I was still a bit drunk from the monday beer, I realized that I kind of miss it and I'm getting tired of spending so much time on art, but I don't want to work with dummy art either. Even though I really enjoy doing everything myself, it's just so frustratingly slow sometimes.

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