Friday, 19 February 2010

Environment Art, Engines and Stuff

So I've been trying to do some environment art lately which is slow and painful work and I really suck at it. Somehow I end up doing what I hate in other games, relying way too much on normal maps and specular which makes everything look like wet plasic, but it's the only way I manage to make anything that looks even half decent. I don't really have anything new to show yet though.

Anyway I was in Stockholm yesterday, talking with some old co-workers about starting up a company; it looks like things are moving along a bit faster than I anticipated. Among other things we discussed what engine to use. I had to advise against trying to use my engine, as it's nowhere near ready to be used in a commercial project. However afterwards I started regretting this as I'm falling a bit more in love with it every second and I really don't feel like spending lots of time getting familliar with a fancy licenced nextgen engine that. So I'm currently trying to look into the cost of licensing different middleware engines, but I'm secretly kind of hoping they'll all be too expensive so we'll be forced to go with my engine in the end.

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