Tuesday, 16 March 2010

GMC speedrun

So I'm still a bit anxious about the future and the prospect of starting to work in Stockholm and somewhat disillusioned about my own game and lacking motivation to work on anything at all. Then I stumbled upon this and I felt a bit better.

When some poor soul bothers to post a speedrun (not a very good one though) of an unfinished, unknown homebrew game on youtube, I've got to have done something right haven't I? Though it probably says more about the people on youtube than about the game.

For those who doesn't know, Project GMC is a project I worked on for a while in early 2009; I was kindof hoping to make it into a Wiiware title someday, but when I got the job Pieces Interactive and it was becoming apparent that nothing would happen with the project I released what little I had done so far on the Wii homebrew scene. GMC is short for Generic Megaman Clone btw.


  1. I recently bought Gunman Clive and I absolutely love it! So naturally I was curious to find out the person behind the game and navigated my way to your blog.

    I am trying to create a game, but unlike you I don't have any programming or game development experience. I'm just trying to use Unity3D and learn my way through it.

    You will probably be seeing more of my comments as I continue reading your blog from your first post up to the last one.

    Thanks for the great game!

  2. I recently saw the trailer for Gunman Clive on my 3DS and I was reminded of Project GMC. I guess it was no coincidence then!