Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Let's Play High School Reunion

This weekend I was down in småland to attend a junior high school reunion. It was pretty interesting even though there weren't a lot of people from my old class. I hadn't really talked to any of them since graduation, and not even seen most of them, but I was kind of surprised by how little people had changed. Also I can't help feeling a bit competetive when meeting people from the past, but I think I ranked pretty good; I have a somewhat decent career in a field that I'm passionate about and even though I haven't had much success in relationships or have started family I'm happy with being single for the moment. Also most of the people at the party still lived in the same area where we grew up, which somehow feels a bit weird to me; I'm not really sure why, but it just seems natural to me to include a bit of physical translation in life's journey, then again I have a lot of friends around here that has barely moved away from home.

On a completly different note I have found a new guilty pleasure called "let's play" videos. Basicly it's a youtube phenomenon where soomeone plays through an entire game while filming and commenting the whole time. Of course, watching it might be one of the most unproductive and patethic things ever but it can be surpisingly addictive if the player is fun to listen to. And in my defense I usually just have the video on in the backgroud while doing something else or watch it when I'm really tired/bored/hung over. It's also a decent surrogate for playing through a game yourself if you can't find it or if the gameplay sucks but you want to see how the story unfolds.

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