Thursday, 11 March 2010


Just found something funny while doing some random googling; apparently my name is in the credits of an obscure Symbian puzzle game.

Back in 2003, just after graduating from highschool, I was doing some freelance pixel work and somehow got in contact with some obscure company that was going to port some obscure fighting game to the Sega GameGear. While I obviously though this was very strange, I still wanted some cash so I agreed to do the work. Basicly my job was to redraw all the sprite animations in a much lower resolution and a very limited (and quite awful) color palette. After the job was finished I kept looking for news about the game for a while but never heard anything and just assumed they were just crazy people.

However it seems that in december 2008 my sprites found their way into an obscure puzzle-spinoff of said obscure figthing game for SymbianOS mobile phones. Here's the game on mobygames with my names in the credits: (I've done the sprites in the top of the screen; not my best work but I blame the horrible palette that was forced on me).

It also seems that the company has now released games for Sega Mega Drive/Genesis and Atari Lynx so maybe the GameGear thing wasn't that crazy after all... just very strange. It would have been a lot more fun to have a GameGear game in the CV than some lame Symbian tetris clone though.

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